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Non Remy Hair

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Non-Remy Hairs are the wigs made from the multiple sources. These have been processed well for the removal of a portion of the cuticle. These can prevent the hair from inverting and tangling. The extensions can be taken care of easily and quickly. These are offered with style retention, and are needed to re-create styles. Non-remy Hairs are simple to wash and dry. These are appreciable for their original style and have zero tangling. These extensions can do away with occurrence of a huge mess. They are not too much thin at their ends and are comparatively affordable than other options.

FAQs of Non-Remy Hair

Q: What is non-Remy hair?

A: Non-Remy hair refers to a type of human hair used for extensions or wigs that has not been picked up or styled in a way that keeps the hair cuticles aligned in one direction. Unlike Remy hair, non-Remy hair cuticles can face different directions, which can lead to tangling and lower overall hair quality.

Q: Can non-Remy hair be straightened or curled?

A: Yes, non-Remy hair can be straightened or curled with heat styling tools. However, it may be more prone to damage and tangling compared to Remy hair. To minimize damage, it is essential to use heat protective products and take care when styling non-Remy hair.

Q: How long does non-Remy hair typically last?

A: The lifespan of non-Remy hair extensions may vary depending on factors such as maintenance, care, and frequency of use. With proper care and limited heat styling, non-Remy hair extensions can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Q: Can I dye or dye non-Remy hair extensions?

A: Yes, you can dye or dye non-Remy hair extensions, but it is important to be careful when doing so. Non-Remy hair can be more porous and prone to damage during the coloring process. It is recommended that a professional colorist perform the coloring to achieve the desired tone and minimize possible damage to the hair.

Q: How do I care for non-Remy hair extensions?

A: Proper care for non-Remy hair extensions includes using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, gently detangling with a wide-tooth comb or circular brush, and avoiding excessive heat styling. It is also essential to store extensions correctly when not in use to prevent them from becoming tangled.
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