Single Drawn Hair
Single drawn hair are hair strands obtained from single donor, which means the length of the hair strands will be mixed as with natural hair. It will look exactly as original hair, as it will be thickest at the top.
Curly Hair
Whether you like spring curly or deep curly hair, then you can also get it without even perming your hair and causing damage to real hair. The curly hair extensions available will do wonders.
Human Hair
We have a wide range of human hair to select from. The range comprises remy double drawn, Brazilian hair, 100% virgin hair and much more, to meet the ever-increasing demand for human hair in wig and other industries.
Bulk Human Hair
Bulk human hair category includes full lace wigs that cover the whole head. These are lace caps into which human hair is knotted by hand. These wigs feel light on head and breathable providing utmost comfort.
Remy Single Drawn Natural Curly

Remy single drawn natural curly hair is made of human hair obtained from single donor. The hair is machine weft and provided in different size lengths. 

Remy Single Drawn Natural Wavy Hair
Remy single drawn natural wavy hair is 100% human hair, not a single strand of synthetic hair is used. The hair is sorted, cleaned, bundled together. This can be obtained in different lengths.
Machine Weft Natural Straight Hair
Naturally straight hair from a single donor is used for making long lasting machine weft natural straight hair. When cared and maintained just like natural hair, this will too retain its shine and rich texture.
Hand Tied Weft Natural Curly Hair
Soft and smooth naturally curly hair from women of Indian origin is obtained. The strands are hair knotted to bring to the market hand tied weft natural curly hair. This thin weft is easy to set and it hides easily into natural hair.
Micro Weft Natural Curly Hair Full Length
Whether your hair color is brown or black, you can get micro weft natural curly hair full length in similar color from us. The extension will mix into your hair and bring that extra volume and bounce.
Micro Weft Natural Straight Hair Full Length
Micro weft natural straight hair full length extensions are created using natural hair which are hand tied. Whichever color you choose to buy, you can buy weft hair in any number.
Bulk Raw Hair
Bulk raw hair is clean hair available in straight, wavy and curly styles. The machine and hand processed hair are free of dandruff, lice and other infections.
Virgin Human Hair
Virgin human hair in straight, wavy and curly styles can be obtained in 10" inches to 40" inches length. The hair is not chemically processed, but simply washed, cleaned and bundled for sale.